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Collision show/hide script

Yesterday a friend asked me if I could make a quick tool that would show or hide objects with the prefix ‘COL_’ in Max. Being that I had never worked in MaxScript beyond a simple ‘hello world’ level, I told him sure, give me half an hour. This script was the result. Download Script here. […]

Bake Layer Tool

For my thesis I had to do a lot of normal and AO map baking.  I noticed I lost a lot of time basically just setting up meshes and exporting them, and changing settings in xNormal.  I wanted to create a way to quickly bake a normal/AO map with xNormal without ever leaving Maya.  The […]

Sim Bake Helper

While I was working on my thesis, I had to do a lot of simulations in Maya that I baked out to skeletal meshes and animation for import to UDK.  Along the way I started piecing together some tools and improvements to this process, and afterwards I assembled them into a more cohesive tool.  Most […]

Maya Python snippet: Constrain skeletons

Python for Maya script that constrains a bind skeleton to the selected control skeleton heirarchy

Reelcam Rig

One of my professors was interested in a rig to allow students to quickly create camera shots that felt natural to movie viewers. My solution to this was to build a virtual camera boom/crane setup in Maya, and to use this as a rig for constraining and controlling camera movement. Download the code here. Get […]


A python script that keeps incremental saves and maintains a mirrored backup folder, as well as a directory for recently deleted material