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The future is coming!

Changes?  what’s this madness, you ask?  Well I’ve updated the wordpress theme to support some changes that I’d like to make to my online presence, in that I’ll probably be blogging sometime in the near future.  I’ll be recapping the days at GDC this next week, and probably following that with a stab at why […]

GDC Notes IV

A short final entry.  I was bad about taking notes on the roundtables (although I’ll link them here when I get them), and I didn’t make it to many other talks (I was very preoccupied with reviews and hitting the career pavilion, as I have no desire to become a starving technical artist after college).  […]

GDC Notes, part III

  I’m going to actually sit down and finish typing out the rest of my notes from Tuesday. The rest of the days are much lighter on the notes. Anyway, on with the show!

GDC Notes, Part II

Here’s the second round of GDC Notes, typed up as my computer chugs through physics sims.  I’ll probably only be getting to Rob’s talk tonight, as I’m bouncing between tasks.  I also want to mull over the talk a bit, because it was one of the most important and thoughtful talks I saw the whole […]

GDC Notes, part I

I’m posting my notes here in hopes that something that grabbed me will be useful to someone else.  feel free to ask questions, make corrections, etc. This isn’t everything I saw, but rather the things that caught me as being the most interesting/exciting/poignant.  These won’t be nearly as condensed and edited as Ben Cloward’s observations, […]

Game Developer’s Conference

This year’s Game Developer’s conference is wrapping up, and it was another great year. Thanks to all of the people who put things together, gave talks, or shared information, I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to keeping in contact with all of the people I met. Ben Cloward wrote a great summary of […]

Sorry for the downtime

I had a bug on my active portfolio page for about an hour five hours today (and didn’t realize I hadn’t fully fixed it, thank you Rachel Morgan :), and I had a few hits, so I apologize to anyone who saw an infinite loop of portfolio [or couldn’t get to the portfolio pages]. I’ll […]

Hello world!

import( hello ) anyway.  Just switched servers and in the middle of a complete redesign, so this should be back up within the week.  If you actually visited here regularly, I’d suggest finding another hobby, just on general principle.  if this seems too difficult, feel free to email me at tyler@tylergood.net for other courses of […]